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Price per person, double occupancy. Three stars hotel, in private service, all intermediate transfers included. Domestic airfares not included.

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    This Bolivia Vacation for Nature Lovers: Salar de Uyuni Bolivia & Laguna Verde allows you to travel to some of Bolivia’s most beautiful and pristine destinations:

    • Admire the blood-colored Red Lagoon and its 3 species of flamingos, including the James Flamingo, native only to the Andean plateaus.
    • Travel through a land of erupting volcanos, geysers, and ice lakes.
    • Walk through the Uyuni Salt Flats, the largest & most amazing Salt Desert in the world.
    • Explore the impressive Tiwanaku ruins of a once-powerful pre-Inca culture.
    • Stay the night on beautiful Sun Island on Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Inca Empire.
    • Discover the cultural diversity and folkloric treasures of the city of La Paz.
    • Visit Moon Valley with its beautiful display of rock erosion patterns.
    1. DAY 1 City Tour La Paz and Moon Valley Half Day

      Morning transfer from the Airport:
      International flight Lima or Cusco – La Paz (booked on your own). Private transport WITH TRANSFER PERSON from the airport to your hotel in La Paz.

      City Tour La Paz and Moon Valley Half Day:
      Pick up from the lobby of your hotel to visit the highlights of the city of La Paz. These include the famous Witch Doctor’s Market (where you can find herbs, folk remedies and fascinating ingredients used in Aymara rituals), and the typical handicrafts market of Sagarnaga Street.

      Your Bolivia Vacation continues to the San Francisco Colonial Church (Museum not included) and Plaza Murillo where the Cathedral, the Government Palace, and the National Congress buildings are located. After this you will visit the charming, cobble-stoned street of Jaen, one of the last colonial streets of downtown La Paz, and home to a range of museums, shops, bars and restaurants. You will then be transferred to Plaza España to take the Yellow and Green Lines of the city’s sky lift towards the southern area of the city. Here you will enjoy panoramic views of the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and La Florida.

      Finally, the tour ends with a fascinating visit to Moon Valley, an amazing display of rock erosion patterns like something from out of this world. You will also have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the small gallery of celebrated local potter, Mario Sarabia (duration: 4 hours). Return to your hotel.

      Evening free.

      Overnight in La Paz.

    2. DAY 2 Transfer to Copacabana and Boat Transfer to Sun Island

      Transfer to Copacabana and Tour:
      Pick up from the lobby of your hotel. Transport to Copacabana (duration: 3 ½  – 4 hours, altitude: 3,840m / 12,595ft).

      At your arrival, visit the Basilica, a stark, white, Moorish-looking building decorated with Portuguese-style blue tiles and rounded domes. Inside is the Shrine de la Virgen de Copacabana — a statue carved in the 15th century believed to be responsible for countless miracles. People believe that if she’s removed, Lake Titicaca will rise in rebellion and flood the town.

      We recommend you take an optional walk (duration: 1 ½ hours) through the 12 Stations of the Cross, as devout Catholics do during the Easter season. This great uphill walk will help you understand the layout of the town and the position of nearby islands. The views of Lake Titicaca, on the way up, are also worth the journey. It is worth noting that in contrast to the strong Catholic influences found in Copacabana, you will also find Yatiris (Aymara masters) performing spiritual cleanings called “challas” or coca leaf readings.

      Boat Transfer to Sun Island:

      After your tour of Copacabana, transfer by boat to the Port of Pilkokaina in the southern part of Sun Island on Lake Titicaca–legendary birthplace of the Inca Empire– where you will be welcomed by the Lodge staff. Here, you will enjoy a traditional lunch, in the open air, called Apthapi, before continuing on your tour.

      After lunch, enjoy a smooth uphill walk with amazing views of the lake and a visit to the Inca ruins of Pilkokaina Palace along the way. The lodge is situated in the halfway up of the island and requires a smooth uphill walk with amazing views of the lake and a visit to the Inca ruins of Pilkokaina Palace along the way (duration: 45 minutes). From the lodge, behold an amazing sunset (duration: 8 hours approx.).

      Evening free.

      Overnight on Sun Island.

      Meals included: BLD At your hotel

    3. DAY 3 Escala del Inca and Tiwanaku

      Escalera del Inca and Transfer to Tiwanaku:
      After enjoying breakfast, you will walk down to the Port of Yumani and visit the Escalera del Inca, a stairway leading to the Inca Fountain, once believed to be a fountain of youth, and a place where ceremonies dedicated to water and insemination of earth took place. After a short trek with wonderful panoramic views of Lake Titicaca, you will take a boat back to Copacabana (duration: 1 hour) to then be transferred to Tiwanaku (duration: 3 – 4 hours).

      Half Day Tiwanaku Ruins and Transfer to La Paz:
      After lunch in Tiwanaku, visit the Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture, which includes beautiful monumental stone buildings that survive in the protected archaeological zones. You will visit the Kalasasaya Temple (Sun), the legendary Sun Gate, the Semi-subterranean temple (Earth), the Akapana Pyramid, the Puma Punku ceremonial center, as well as the museums where you will enjoy an impressive collection of objects and tools of ancient civilizations in addition to monumental monoliths (duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours). Transfer to your hotel in La Paz (duration: 1 ½ hours).

      Evening free.

      Overnight in La Paz.

      Meals included: BL

    4. DAY 4 Train Cemetery – San Cristobal Church – Culpina K – Alota – Villamar Village

      Morning transfer to the airport:
      Pick up from the lobby of your hotel and transport WITH DRIVER ONLY to the airport to take your flight La Paz – Uyuni (not included).

      Train Cemetery – San Cristobal Church – Culpina K – Alota – Villamar Village

      Pick up from the airport and transfer WITH YOUR GUIDE to Hedionda Lagoon (altitude: 4120 meters / 13513 feet). Along the way, you will cross for the first time the Uyuni Salt Flat towards Puerto Chuvica1 and then pass by the town of San Juan until arriving at the Chiguana Salt Flat. The next stop will be the viewpoint of Ollague Volcano, which is still smoking, and a small and colorful group of minor lagoons2 (Chiracota, Honda, Cañapa, and Hedionda) where you can see flamingos and other birds (duration: 7 hours). Transfer to Ecolodge Los Flamencos to enjoy the dinner.

      Evening free.

      Overnight at Flamencos Ecolodge.

      Meals included: BLD At your hotel

    5. DAY 5 Red Lagoon – Sol de Mañana Geysers – Dali’s Valley – Green Lagoon – Villamar Village

      After breakfast, you will depart to the iconic árbol de Piedra (rock tree or stone tree) in the Siloli Desert, where you will find vicuñas and vizcachas. You will continue on to the Red Lagoon (also known as Colorada lagoon), home to the famous James Flamingos, unique in its species, and other local fauna. The lagoon itself is very special as it sometimes turns a deep red color because of the combination of reddish sediment in its surface, and the pigmentation of a certain type of seaweed at its bottom. Afterwards, you will visit the Sol de Mañana Geysers, an area with much volcanic activity, full of boiling mud lakes and sulfur steam pools. After, you will visit the Polkes, where you can enjoy its natural hot springs and you will pass through the Dalí’s Desert, an extremely arid area with landscapes very similar to Salvador Dalí’s surreal vast desert paintings.

      Then, you will visit the white and green lagoon with its impressive emerald color and towering Llicancabur Volcano as a backdrop.

      Finally, transfer to Colchani passing by Quetena, Soniquera, Culpina K, San Cristobal y Uyuni town, located to 20 minutes from Colchani (duration: 12 hours).

      Evening free.

      Overnight at Luna Salada

      Meals included: BLD At your hotel

    6. DAY 6 Full Day Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

      Pick up from the lobby of your hotel and transfer to the amazing Uyuni Salt Flat (altitude: 3675 meters / 12054 feet), the world’s largest salt desert with an expanse of more than 12,000 square km (7,455 sq. mi). On your way, you will visit the cemetery of trains where you can make playful and even artistic pictures on board the remains of 19th and 20th-century steam locomotives. Next, you will visit the town of Colchani (20 minutes from Uyuni) where you will learn the artisanal salt extraction process from local artisans, and maybe even purchase salt from Uyuni. On this trip, you will also see piles of extracted salt and see up-close the “ojos del salar” or mineralized water springs bursting out of the salt flat.

      The next stop is Incahuasi Island located in the middle of the Uyuni salt flat, where you can see the famous giant cacti that are up to 10 meters high and enjoy a short walk to the top of the island and admire wonderful panoramic views of the salt flats. Lunch will be served in the middle of the salt flat for an exclusive experience like no other. This is a perfect time to take advantage of the salt flat’s extraordinary flatness and play with proportion and perspective in your photographs (during the dry season: from mid-April to mid-November, subject to weather changes).

      After lunch, transfer to the Tunupa Volcano to visit the Coqueza mummies found in that area and the Chiquini Caves. On the way back to Colchani, you will stop to visit the first hotel made of salt, Playa Blanca, where you can take photos in the flag garden of different countries and with the Dakar monument.

      Finally, transfer to the airport in Uyuni to take a flight Uyuni – La Paz (not included) to then take your international flight (booked on your own).

      Meals included: BL

    B Breakfast
    S Snack
    L Lunch
    D Dinner
    BL Boxed Lunch

    Price per person in private Service

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    US$ 1,045
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    US$ 1,069



    The Bolivia Vacation for Nature Lovers: Salar de Uyuni Bolivia & Laguna Verde is customizable. If you prefer to add extra days or destinations to your trip, please let us know in the Notes section of  the Get Free Quote form. You can also fill out our Present Design Your Trip form or Contact Us form with your specific needs.


    1. This Bolivia Vacation for Nature Lovers: Salar de Uyuni Bolivia & Laguna Verde is available every day of the year.
    2. Prices include sales taxes and credit card transaction fees.
    3. Prices include domestic flights at the current lowest airfare available and subject to availability.
    4. FUN FACT: we recommend our clients to bring their national flag in order to place it in the flag garden together with the other flags from all over the world!
    5. Incahuasi Island, Tunupa Volcano, and the Chiquini Caves may not most likely be visited during rainy season (mid-December to mid-April, subject to climatologic changes).
    6. You can visit the island of the moon instead of the tour of Copacabana for an additional. See the prices below.
    7. Discover the amazing landscape and wilderness of the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve in our 6 Day Ultimate Bolivia Vacation for Nature Lovers.

    Please do not hesitate to Contact Us about customizing this trip itinerary.

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    • Meals according to itinerary.
    • All entrance tickets.
    • All tour and intermediate transfers.
    • All guided excursions in English in private service.
    • Embarkation fees (Lake Titicaca).
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